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Water efficiency II: Rural areas and agriculture

Reed et al., Figure 7: Collecting water from a village tanka

Photo of women and children gathered around the standpipe that is a primary village water source in Tulesar Purohitan, Rajasthan.
Figure 7a shows the village tanka in Tulesar Purohitan. A range of different types of metal vessels are visible, including iron pitchers in the forground, with stainless steel and brass pitchers in the background.
Photo of children carrying water in traditional steel and brass pitchers
Figure 7b shows children carrying water using steel and brass pitchers - only the poorest families use earthernware pitchers for carrying water, as they are easily broken. In the villages used in this field study, water is carried only a short distance (typically less than 500 meters [~1/3 mi]), whereas in the interior of Rajasthan it may be several kilometers or more to the nearest water supply.


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