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Water efficiency II: Rural areas and agriculture

Reed et al., Table 2: Solar disinfection effectiveness, compared by water source

Water source:
90% inactivation time (minutes):
distilled water

surface water from talab
(50 turbidity units)


surface water from talab
(100 turbidity units)


Inactivation of a suspension of fecal bacteria (Escherichia coli ATCC11775) kept in sunlight in custom-made 1-liter solar disinfection bottles, inoculated with E. coli after being filled with either pre-sterilized distilled water or pre-sterilized surface water from talabs at Tulesar Purohitan/Tulesar Charnan. Data are based on standard aerobic plate counts obtained on nutrient agar after 24 hours incubation at 37°C (the experiment was performed on 11 April 2004 at an average irradiance of 680 W m -2 ).

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