Pryor Laboratory - Focusing on Lettuce Diseases, Mycology, and Alternaria at The University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences, Tucson, Arizona USA

Blending Applied and Basic Mycological Research

The Pryor lab is engaged in both applied and basic mycological research, spanning diverse disciplines including:

  • Plant pathology
  • Fungal systematics and diversity
  • Fungal-mediated respiratory disease
  • Sustainable mushroom production
  • Microbial fuel cell development

Our programs are dynamic in focus and are often student-driven, embracing the passions of each lab member as they explore their specific areas of research interest.

We incorporate classic mycological methods with modern molecular techniques as we explore species concepts in asexual fungal lineages (the genus Alternaria), fungal diversity in unique native ecosystems, etiology and epidemiology of vegetable, tree, and field crop diseases, the effects of fungal aeroallergens on childhood asthma, and the development of gourmet and medicinal mushroom production as components of sustainable food systems.

An emerging area of research explores the use of ligninolytic fungi in microbial fuel cells for novel industrial and biotechnological applications.