Extension: Controlled Environment Agriculture

Dr. Gene Giacomelli 

Education in Controlled Environment Agriculture 

The CEAC Extension and Outreach Programs include: the Annual Arizona Greenhouse Crop Production and Engineering Design Short Course; the Lunar Greenhouse – Outreach and Teaching Module  (LGH-OTM);  Social Media postings to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and You-Tube;  On-site Tours, Meetings, Demonstrations and Conferences at the UA-CEAC; Newsletter and News Splash e-publications;  and, Design and Analysis Services to homeowners, business developers, and entrepeneurs; Development of the Production & Education Greenhouse as an income generating, self-supporting entity.

The programs are strongly supported by and highly integrated with programs of Dr. Patricia Rorabaugh, SPLS, patrora@ag.arizona.edu and Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons, SWES, kevfitz@ag.arizona.edu

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Phil Sadler (UA-ABE Designated Campus Colleage, Collaborator on the Lunar Greenhouse) has been working on this Bench Top Growing System.  Currently it's on its way to Nuiqsut School in Alaska where a teacher will use the system to teach students hydroponics.  Certainly Alaska, the Moon and Mars have their differences, but in climates where traditional agriculture is out of the question, you can imagine a controlled growing environment sparking the interest of young future farmers.