Extension: Food, Bioproducts, and Renewable Energy

Dr. Pedro Andrade


Dr. Mark Siemens

Precision Agriculture

The precision agriculture research and extension program at The University of Arizona was created in 2007 to assist growers, crop consultants, agricultural students, and other stakeholders in the state to increase their use of advanced technologies as a means to improve the efficiency of input utilization in mechanized operations. In the view of this program, precision agriculture technology should be easy transferable to the end users, it also should emphasize on appropriate use of technology for farming systems of the low desert and within an economic framework that secures profitability.

See: Pedro Andrade-Sanchez

Mechanized Agriculture

Grower field trial/demonstration of a novel technology for side-dressing fertilizer that induces minimal soil disturbance and places fertilizer in the root zone.

Developing machine vision based technologies that identify crop plants and intermittently spray herbicides between crop plants to control weeds.

Lettuce Thinner featured at 2015 Southwest Ag Summit by westernfarmpress.com

See: Mark Siemens