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Feeding 9 billion people by 2050! The Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Department is developing innovative systems to sustainably feed an increasing pupulation through cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and the drive to make a difference in the world. We build sustainable solutions that create resilience among society, the environment and the economy. Currently, we’re working on:

  • Optimizing growth conditions in controlled environment agriculture
  • Finding alternative fuel and feed sources
  • Irrigating crops sustainably
  • Analyzing big data sets generated from using sensors and controls and looking at metagenomics

Learn how you can help feed 9 billion people by 2050!

We bring diffferent people, ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives together to produce lasting solutions for all.
Valuing diversity in our students, staff and faculty, we encourage and help all to be successful.


TERRA REF: Advanced Field Crop Analytics

The UA is part of an effort led by the U.S. Department of Energy to collect and generate big data faster and develop new crops more quickly for sustainable domestic energy — and food, feed and fiber needs down the line. Creating domestic biofuels from sorghum is just the beginning. The scanner is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, program known as Transportation Energy Resources from Renewable Agriculture, or TERRA. The overall goal of the multi-institutional effort that includes the UA is to identify crop physical (phenotypic) traits that are best suited to producing high-energy sustainable biofuels and match those plant characteristics to their genes, greatly speeding up plant breeding to deliver improved varieties to market.

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Dr. Pedro Andrade



ABE News

Successful First Year Paves Way for Next Round of NSF I-Corps Teams

"One year ago, through the work of Tech Launch Arizona, the University of Arizona was selected alongside other universities as a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps, or NSF I-...

Ag summit displays new, future farm gear

"With the minimum wage going up in California, the minimum wge going up in Arizona, they're looking at mahcines that can do the same thing as a full labor crew can do with minimal cost, the cost...

ABE Student Club Greenhouse-In-A-Shipping Containter

The Biosystems Engineering Student Club is working on a really cool project involving a Greenhouse-in-a-shipping-container. Here are some pictures from their work over the weekend. They worked...

"Mexico’s First Mixe Fulbright Scholar Is Working to Improve the Lives of Indigenous Farmers"

ABE grad Tania Martinez in now working on her Ph.D. at Wageningen University in the Netherlands/  Check out this article highlighting Tania and how she is working to improve the lives of...

Bench Top Growing System as Outreach for NASA Steckler Grant

Phil Sadler (UA-ABE Designated Campus Colleage, Collaborator on the Lunar Greenhouse) has been working on this Bench Top Growing...

Yuma, AZ - UA Researcher Working to Improve Mechanized Weeding

Dr. Mark Siemens (UA-ABE) and his research in Yuma on using camera based applications in lettuce cultivation was highlighted in California Vegetable Magazine. The technology he's working on gives...

Chapingo University Award goes to ABE Masters Student

Please join us in congratulating Rocio Guadalupe Reyes Esteves, who was awarded the prize for the "Best Senior Thesis in the Irrigation Department" at the Chapingo Autonomous University for her...