A student's academic catalog is determined by their selected program.  Students can follow the catalog of when they entered the or follow the current catalog. See your SAPR for the listing of your catalog.

Students harvest strawberries in the experimental lunar greeenhouse module.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biosystems Engineering (BE) program is acrredited by the Engineering Accreditation Comission of ABET,  Biosystems engineers use engineering, math, and life science to design systems to manage soil and water resources, produce food, develop biological products, and manage and analyze large data sets. They work on projects involving wise use of energy, materials, biochemicals, and recyclable wastes. They combine technical knowledge, computer techniques, and control systems for a deeper understanding of agriculture and biology -- knowledge which someday may be used to design life support systems for colonies on other planets. Students may specialize in water resource engineering or biological engineering.


The Biosystems Engineering (BE) pre-health track has been developed to prepare students for entry into medical schools. Completion of the BE pre-health track not only provides students with the necessary biological basics, but also helps them develop excellent problem solving skills. Students completing their study in the BE pre-health track satisfy all of the requirements for acceptance into medical school at the University of Arizona and for the majority of medical schools in the United States. Additionally, BE pre-health track graduates have exceptionally high acceptance rates to medical school.