Proposal Development

Proposals must be checked by the ABE-NSc Business Center.  The Business Center will then route the budgets through the UA Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) for their approval.  This process must be done before submittal to the sponsoring agency. Please allow at least 4 business days for the ABE-NSc Business Center to review and approve the budget prior to sending to Sponsored Projects. 

Sponsored Projects Services requires the fully approved budget and package 3 business days prior to the date it is due to the Sponsor/Agency. This means they need 3 business days to review the budget and supporting documentation, and another 3 business days to review the package.  

A total of approximately 10 business days (14 calendar days) are needed to properly route a proposal to ensure it meets the deadline requirements.  Please make an appointment with Theresa Spicer ( to review your grant proposal as soon as you know that you will be applying for a grant, but no less than 10 business days prior to the sponsor’s due date.

Budgeting and Proposal routing checklist:

  • Proposal abstract
  • Budget  (spreadsheet)
  • Budget narrative
  • IDC stipulation (if needed*)

ERE Rates and Proposal Quick Reference: (information for both ERE and Proposals can be found in the same document).


*Full indirect cost rate (IDC), also known as F&A, is required on all grants UNLESS:

  1. The sponsoring agency stipulates in writing (either on their website or in the request for proposals/applications) their allowable (reduced) IDC; OR
  2. You have the approval of the department head. You will have to demonstrate an ability to cover the difference in IDC amounts.