Purchasing Procedures

There are several methods of procuring items needed to conduct business at the University.  The University has a central purchasing department that orders items via a purchase order system, a purchasing card program (credit card), approved (stores) vendors that we can purchase small dollar items, and Arizona BuyWaysE-Procurement which allows access to multiple Vendors from one internet location.

For full purchasing policies, see http://www.pacs.arizona.edu/.

Purchase order procedures:

Purchase Requisition Form: PDF

Please fill out the form completely including all vendor information (address and phone), quantity, unit of measure, description and price.  Once the form has been submitted, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing and delivery. 

Purchasing Card procedures:

Purchasing Card Log/Use Form (editable PDF): PDF

Cardholder Handbook: http://www.pacs.arizona.edu/Purchasing_Card

The University of Arizona Purchasing Card Program is designed to save time and money by enabling small dollar purchases of supplies and/or services.  Other systems for purchasing methods are still available.  If used responsibly, both faculty and staff will find great advantages to using the Purchasing Card.  If not used responsibly, an individual's card will be terminated.  The following are procedures which must be followed for responsible use of the Purchasing Card:

  1. After the Purchasing Card has been used for a purchase, the Purchasing Card Log/Use form must be filled out as soon as is practical.
  • If you are out of town and will not be back into the department for more than two (2) work days, call the Business Office and provide your purchase information.  Reason:  Purchases are down loaded from the bank to the Uof A on a daily basis and must be reconciled and approved and uploaded to the FRS system in a timely fashion.
  • Attach the receipt to the Purchasing Card Log/Use form if you have already received your purchase.  Make sure to fill out the form completely and include the project or reason the item or items were purchased.  Reason:  Receipts and the form must be kept on file for record keeping and auditing purposes.
  • If you have not received your purchase yet, you will still need to fill out the Purchasing Card Log/Use form and when you expect it.  After the purchase has been received, bring the receipt/packing slip to the Business Office to attach to your previously submitted form.  Reason:  If the purchase does not arrive, we will be able to assist you in locating the purchase if you have filled out the form.
  1. Purchasing Card use for any purpose that does not comply with the guidelines in the University   of Arizona Purchasing Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual is prohibited and will result in revocation of individual cardholder privileges.
  2. The Purchasing Card must be returned to the Department upon leaving University employment or upon transfer to another department.


  1.  A verbal notification of Non-Compliance of this Department's Purchasing Card use procedures.
  2. A written notification on a second instance of Non-Compliance of this Department's Purchasing Card use procedures.
  3. Termination of individual Purchasing Card for a third instance of Non-Compliance of this Department's Purchasing Card use procedures or for any of the following abuses:
  • Use of Purchasing Card for personal items, no matter the dollar amount
  • Giving the Purchasing Card to another person for use
  • Use of the Purchasing Card for other purpose or purposes that do not comply with the guidelines in the University of Arizona Purchasing and Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual.

Approved Stores Vendors Procedures:


Find a vendor from the above approved list that carries the items you need, give them the PO and fund number that you will be using.  Turn in the receipt to the business office as soon as practical.  The business office must submit the receipt for payment within 5 days.

Arizona BuyWays procedures:


Find a list of the participating Arizona BuyWays vendors from the above approved list.  Forms and training can also be found there.