Water Resource Management


Dr. Kitt Farrell-Poe

Dr. Ed Martin

Dr. Stephen Poe

Dr. Donald Slack

Dr. Pete Waller

Dr. Muluneh Yitayew

The amount and quality of water in Arizona will play an increasing role in the state's prosperity through activities in agriculture, manufacturing, and municipal sectors. Factors impacting our water use include climate change (in which Arizona is likely to get warmer and drier), increased urbanization, and growth in certain agricultural sectors (leafy greens in Yuma, biofuels). An opportunity for growth exists with under-served stakeholders in Arizona agriculture and municipal resources with engineering needs: Native American and Hispanic farmers and ranchers; urban landowners; and small commercial landscape, turfgrass, and horticultural-related businesses.


Our students are heavily involved in researching this area. [More Here]




Arid Raceway - Dr. Pete Waller, Dr. Murat Kacira

The UA RAFT testbed, located in Tucson, AZ is equipped with a set of three 600-L open raceway growth systems for small scale cultivation experimentation and two larger scale Algae Raceway Integrated Design (ARID) raceway cultivation systems for large scale experiments. The  ARID design allows for mixing by low heat solar powered pumping and gravity flow over channel baffles for mixing. In addition, these systems have sumps to store cultures at night to conserve heat and increase winter productivity. The UA RAFT testbed also has production and processing capabilities to harvest biomass and recycle media. In addition, UA has specialized capabilities in molecular monitoring and real time monitoring and control of controlled agricultural systems that will be applied as part of their R&D efforts.