ABE Alumni Receives Mexican National Award for Youth

One of Agriculture & Biosystems Enigeering MS graduates from 2013, Tania Eulalia Martinez Cruz, received the Mexican National Award for Youth – 2016 in the Category of Academic Achievement.  The award was presented to her by the President of Mexico, Pena Nieto.  She is shown here paying tribute to her grandmother who told her to wear this whenever she went “to other lands” to “tell them who we are.”  Tania is an “indigenous” Mexican of the Mixe tribe from Oaxaca.  She is a graduate of Chapingo Autonomous University in Texcoco and ABE.  


Tania is now working on a Ph.D. at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and hopes to finish in January 2018.  She is doing her research through the International Center for Corn and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT) which also happens to be in Texcoco and is famous as the center from which Norman Borlaug undertook his “green revolution” research. 
Congratulations Tania!