ABE Student Club Greenhouse-In-A-Shipping Containter

The Biosystems Engineering Student Club is working on a really cool project involving a Greenhouse-in-a-shipping-container. Here are some pictures from their work over the weekend. They worked with sensors, Raspberry pi's, a weather station, and power tools! Next Saturday they will be making camera's out of Raspberry pi's. 
Let us know if you're interested in the Biosystems Engineering Club! 
The Biosystems Engineering Club is dedicated to the introduction and exploration of Biosystems Engineering to undergraduate engineering students and anyone else interested in Biosystems Engineering. Club activities include lab tours, guest speakers, and design projects within subjects such as controlled environment agriculture, biofuels, tissue engineering, and watershed engineering.
Email: bec.uofa@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/BiosystemsEngineeringClub