Murat Kacira


Shantz 504   
(520) 626-4254

Greenhouse and Plant Growth Studies
Plant Growth and Health Monitoring Using Image Processing and Machine Vision Applications
Automated Data Acquisition and Instrumentation
Greenhouse Ventilation


Education (degree, discipline, institution, year)


Food, Agric. and Biological Engr.

Ohio State University



Food, Agric. and Biological Engr.

Ohio State University



Agricultural Engineering

Cukurova University



Academic experience  (institution, rank, title, dates)

July 2015-present


University of Arizona

Agric. and Biosystems Engr.


Assoc. Prof.

University of Arizona

Agric. and Biosystems Engr.


Assoc. Prof.

Haran University, Turkey

Agricultural Machinery


Assist. Prof

Harran University, Turkey

Agricultural Machinery


Vist. Scholar

Lab. Cont. Envr. Agric., Japan

National Inst. Rural Engr.


Not academic experiences, consulting/industry, patents

 Jia, F., M. Kacira, K. Ogden, G. Ogden. 2015. Optical Device for inline and realtime monitoring of microalgae. US Provisional Patent Application. UA Ref. No: UA15-095.

 Ryan, R., P. Waller, M. Kacira, P. Li. 2012. Aquaculture raceway integrated design. US Patent No: US 8245440 B2.

UA15-095 Invention Disclosure


Current membership in professional organizations


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)


Honors and awards


ASABE Superior Paper Award, ASABE, Montreal, Canada


EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award Nomination, Biosystems Engineering Journal, Switzerland


Early Career Faculty Teaching Award Nomination, UA-CALS


Leading Edge Research Award, University of Arizona, as a UA-CEAC Team Member.


Grand challenge award, Bio Energy Awareness Days, USDA


Service activities (within and outside of the institution)

Local/Community: Member and Lecturer (2008-present), Organizing Committee, UA-CEAC Annual Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course.

University: Director of Grad. Studies, Prof. Sci. Master’s Program, CEA Track, App. Biosci. GIDP (2011-present); Executive Comm. Member, Applied Biosciences GIDP (2011-present); Chair, ABE Academic Programs Asses. Comm. (2012-present); Member, ABE Biosystems Engr. Undergrad. Curriculum Comm. (2008-present); Member, UA-CALS Vision 2021 Comm. (2012)

National: Secretary (2010), Vice-Chair (2011), Chair (2012), SE-303 Environment of Plant Structures Committee, ASABE; Member (2008- 2013), Secretary (2010, 2013), Chair (2011), USDA Multistate Project Committee NE1035; Member (2008-present), USDA Regional Committee NCERA-101.

International: Elected Chair (August 2014-present), Vice-Chair (2010-2014), Comm. Hort. Engineering, ISHS; Member (August 2014-present), Executive Committee, Int. Society for Hort. Science (ISHS); Chair (2013-2015), Vice-Chair (2008-2013), ISHS CFD Working Group: Member (2010-2015), Int. Comm. for Contr. Envir. Guidelines on Monitoring & Reporting Envr. Parameters for Experiments in Greenhouses: Member of Sci. Comm. for Int. Sym. and Congress, Meetings, 9 total since 2009: Editorial Board Member, Euro. Journal of Hort. Sci. (2015-present)

Peer Reviewer for Scientific Journals: Trans. of ASABE, Biosystems Engr., Applied Engr. in Agric., Computers and Electronics in Agric., ActaHorticulturae, Agric. and Forest Meteorology, HortTechnology, ScientiaHorticultrae, Environment, Systems and Decisions, Computers in Biology and Medicine, European J. of Hort. Sci.

Peer Review of Proposals: Natural Sci. & Engr. Res. Council, Canada, USDA NIFA, USDA SBIR, USDA SBIR, USDA Hatch, Binational Agric. & Res. Devp. Fund (BARD), The Sci. & Tech. Res. Council, Turkey.


Principal/Selected publications and presentations (from the last five years)

Zhang, Y., M. Kacira, L. An. 2016. A CFD study on improving air flow uniformity in indoor plant factory system. Biosystems Engineering, 147: 193-205.

Jia, F., M. Kacira, K. Ogden. 2015. Multi-Wavelength Based Optical Density Sensor for Autonomous Monitoring of Microalgae. Sensors, 15(9): 22234-22248. 

Story, and M. Kacira. 2015. Design and implementation of a computer vision-guided greenhouse crop diagnostics system. J. of Machine Vision Applications, March 2015, 1432-1769. 

Tamimi, E., M. Kacira, C. Choi, L. An. 2013. Analysis of climate uniformity in a naturally ventilated greenhouse equipped with high pressure fogging system. Trans. of ASABE, 56(3): 1241-1254.

Villarreal-Guerrero, F., M. Kacira, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, R. Linker, G. A. Giacomelli, A. Arbel, C. Kubota. 2013. Implementation of a greenhouse cooling strategy with natural ventilation and variable fogging rates. Trans. of ASABE, 56(1): 295-304.

Bartzanas, T., M. Kacira, H. Zhu, S. Karmakar, E. Tamimi, N. Katsoulas, I. Lee, C. Kittas. 2013. Computational fluid dynamics applications to improve crop production systems. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 93: 151-167

Sase, S., M. Kacira, T. Boulard, L. Okushima. 2012. Determination of porosity parameters for tomato canopy: An experimental study in a wind tunnel. Trans. of the ASABE, 55(5): 1921-1927

Waller, P., R. Ryan, M. Kacira, P. Li. 2012. The algae raceway integrated design for optimal temperature management. Biomass and Bioenergy, 46: 702-709

Boscheri, G., M. Kacira, L. Patterson, G. Giacomelli, P. Sadler, R. Furfaro, C. Lobascio, M. Lamantea, L. Grizzaffi. 2012. Modified energy cascade model adapted for a multicrop lunar greenhouse prototype. Advances in Space Research, 50: 941-951

Villarreal-Guerrero, F., M. Kacira, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, R. Linker, C. Kubota, G.A. Giacomelli, A. Arbel. 2012. Simulated performance of a greenhouse cooling control strategy with natural ventilation and fog cooling. Biosystems Engineering, 111:  217-228.

Linker, R., M. Kacira, A. Arbel. 2011. Robust climate control of a greenhouse equipped with variable-speed fans and a variable-pressure fogging system. Biosystems Engr. 110(2): 153-167.

Striemer, G.M., D. L. Story, A. Akoglu and M. Kacira. 2011. A node and network level self-recovering distributed wireless sensor architecture for real-time crop monitoring in greenhouses. Transactions of ASABE, 54(4): 1521-1527.

Story, D., M. Kacira, C. Kubota, A. Akoglu, L. An. 2010. Lettuce calcium deficiency detection with machine vision computed plant features in controlled environments. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 74: 238-243.


Professional development activities (Most recent)

Attended ASABE Annual Meetings (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014); Attended ISHS GreenSys Int. Symposiums (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015); International Organic Greenhouse Hort. Symposium (2016), Program Assessment and Outcomes Workshop, UA Office of Instruction and Assessment (2015); Executive Comm. Meeting of Int. Soc. of Hort. Sci. (ISHS) (Turkey, 2015); Online Course Development, UA CALS Summer Institute (2015); High-level International Forum on Protected Horticulture, China (2015).