CALS Governance

CALS is organized and operated differently than most colleges within the University of Arizona. This overview explains the CALS relationship to the US Department of Agriculture and county governments within Arizona and how that affects the college's structure. The college's primary governance method is through a five-member Executive Council formed from the major administrative areas of the college:

Shane Burgess
Vice President for Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension; Dean; Director, Arizona Experiment Station // (520) 621-7621

Parker Antin
Associate Dean for Research // (520) 621-7201

Jeffrey Ratje
Associate Dean for Finance and Administration; Treasurer, Arizona Experiment Station // (520) 621-1468

Jeff Silvertooth
Associate Dean for Economic Development and Director, UA Cooperative Extension; Associate Director, Arizona Experiment Station // (520) 621-7205

Mike Staten
Bart Cardon Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Career Development // (520) 621-9482

Regents' and University Policies

Policy Manual and other related policies.

Policies for the University of Arizona are not all in one place. The link above goes to a web page that catalogues a number of policies, but if you do not find what you are looking for you may want to ask someone or do a search on the UA main web page.

Guidelines and best practices are included. Shared governance at the University of Arizona and CALS can be described as a general commitment on the part of faculty, staff, students, and administration to work together to strengthen and enhance the college and the university. Shared governance reflects mutual respect and trust in the university community for contributions by all members.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Policies

CALS Business Services provides a list of administrative policies and procedures as well as business tips, lists of related links, and training opportunities.

Guidelines and suggested criteria for employee awards. Names of past winners can also be found here.

Guidelines and forms for annual performance evaluations of classified staff, appointed professionals, faculty, and administrators. Description of post-tenure review audit. Brief overview of guidelines for annual reporting by CALS units.

Description of CALS management and operational guidelines with a brief summary of the topics listed below.

Colleges of agriculture at land-grant universities operate differently than other colleges on campus.

These six best practices were developed by the University of Arizona Shared Governance Review Committee in 2003. After each best practice, the CALS implementation is summarized.

Guidelines and criteria for faculty seeking promotion and/or tenure/continuing status.

Individual college units may have policies of their own. These would be listed under the unit.

Includes the CALS Faculty Council, Staff Council, Appointed Professionals Council, Student Council, Alumni Council, Executive Council, administrative groups, and the Dean's Advisory Committee (with representatives of all the previous groups).

Administrative management and leadership paradigms for the Executive Council's integrated management of the Arizona Experiment Station and Arizona Cooperative Extension.