Our Ecosystem: University of Arizona, its Strategic Plan and Arizona Board of Regents Strategic Goals

The U. Arizona (U. Arizona; est. 1885) is the only land-grant, NSF research 1, Hispanic-, and American Indian and Alaska Native-, Serving university with two independently accredited medical schools and member of the American Association of Universities. Its estimated annual economic impact to Arizona is $4.1B.

The U. Arizona strategic plan is inspired by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4thIR) – our time in human economic development characterized by augmented machine intelligence fusing digital, physical and biological engineering. The plan aspires to develop innovative, adaptive learners and disruptive problem solvers who are prepared to lead meaningful lives and improve society in an ever-evolving world.

U. Arizona Purpose: Working together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all.

U. Arizona Mission: We will continuously improve how we educate and innovate so we can lead the way in developing disruptive problem-solvers capable of tackling our greatest challenges.

U. Arizona Vision: To create a world where human potential is realized and we’re all working together to create solutions to big problems, so that life in our communities, in Arizona and on our planet can thrive.

U. Arizona Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Exploration
  • Adaptation
  • Inclusion
  • Determination

The plan’s five pillars are to work in concert; each with initiatives, goals and key performance indicators which guide us when delivering our share of the task.

Pillar 1: Wildcat Journey
Pillar 2: Grand Challenges
Pillar 3: Arizona Advantage
Pillar 4: Arizona Global
Pillar 5: Institutional Excellence

The plan concords with our 1862 land grant university enduring purpose to benefit America’s economy through: quality higher-education in STEM and the liberal arts, research and then Cooperative Extension to and for all Americans regardless of race or economic status. So even though axiomatically the university plan was consistent with our own existing strategic plan, we reviewed and revised ours between August 29 and November 12, 2019 to ensure it comports best with today’s economy as well as the University plan.

The U. Arizona strategic plan must itself concord with the Arizona Board of Regents Strategic Goals which also guide us when delivering our share of the task and are to:

  1. Drive Student Educational Success and Learning – Deliver a high quality university education.
  2. Advance Educational Achievement Within Arizona – Lead the effort to increase the number of Arizonans with a college degree or certificate.
  3. Discover New Knowledge – Create new knowledge, collaborations, inventions, and technology to solve critical problems and enhance lives.
  4. Impact Arizona – Engage and serve our communities through initiatives, and partnerships focused on supporting, improving, and enhancing Arizona's economy and competitiveness.

Our Strategic Plan Alignment Rubric (sent to Provost Liesl Folks on November 8, 2019) shows how the CALS strategic intents, as well as its overarching-, mission area-, and academic units-, strategic plans align with the U. Arizona Strategic Plan.



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