The CALS Grapevine

In a College the size of CALS with more than 1,400 employees there is ample opportunity for instances of miscommunication and things getting lost in translation. The intention of this page is to address rumors, clarify things, and promote transparency. If you have a question, comment, or concern about something within CALS that you would like addressed, please submit it via this webform. We will then route the question, comment, or concern to whomever can best address.

When submitting a question, comment, or concern, please be as descriptive as possible. While the email field is optional, it is strongly encouraged. Providing your email allows the web administrators to contact you should further clarification be needed, and for the purpose of following up with you directly with an answer/response/resolution. If you do not provide your email address, you should check back after a while to see if your question/comment/concern is addressed on the previously submitted questions and answers page.

Type your question, comment, or concern here and we will address it through the established lines of communication, and directly with you if you provide your email address.