Performance Reviews

Every benefits-eligible employee is required to receive a performance review annually. Career Conversations is the recommended format for Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension appointed professionals and staff. UA Vitae is the annual performance report used for all CALS faculty.

If you missed the Q&A that ALVSCE hosted on Career Conversations led by our HR Consultants, Marisela Celaya and Dustin Green, click here to watch the video.

If you are a manager or supervisor who holds an annual conversation with your employees (hint: that should be all managers and supervisors of benefits-eligible employees), and you want to improve how you have these conversations, click here to watch the workshop for supervisors on Career Conversations, Effective Feedback & Worthwhile 1:1s provided by HR Consultants, Marisela Celaya and Dustin Green. *Click here to see the presentation slides (*link will be updated soon). 

Post-tenure Review Audit

University guidelines require a college-level audit of 20 percent of tenured faculty evaluations each year by an elected or appointed college peer committee. Over a five-year period, all tenured faculty will have been included, with the exception of those newly tenured. The committee “checks the adequacy of the process and makes appropriate recommendations to the unit peer committee.” If necessary, the committee may refer files back to the unit. The post-tenure review audit must be completed in the colleges by September 15 and a report is due to the provost around October 1. The CALS Post-tenure Review Audit Committee is elected.

Unit Annual Reports and Evaluations

Each unit prepares an annual report reviewed annually in a budget and planning session with the Executive Council. Each academic department periodically undergoes an academic program review by the university. The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) conducts an institutional (program) review only at the request of cooperating institutions. Some non-academic units have periodic "sunset reviews." ALVSCE submits an annual report to the US Department of Agriculture covering Cooperative Extension and Experiment Station programs.