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V Bar V Ranch
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Ranch History

The land that would eventually become the V Bar V Ranch was homesteaded at the turn of the 20th century. The owners branded their cattle "100," and the ranch was initially known as the "100 Place."

The V Bar V Ranch was formed in 1927, when the 100 Place and a number of smaller holdings, including one owned by the Bradford family, originators of the V Bar V brand, were bought and incorporated into the V Bar V Cattle Co.

The Ranch has passed through a colorful cast of owners since its inception, and is now owned by The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It is operated as a unit of the Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station.

Past Owners

Ranch History Timeline

Brand History

Current Owner

Benjamin Franklin Taylor Florence Newman Taylor Ida May Swift Minotto James Minotto Marcus J. Lawrence Bill Sullivan and Bruce Brockett

Former owners of the V Bar V Ranch pictured above L-R:
Benjamin Franklin Taylor, Florence Newman Taylor, Ida May Swift Minotto, James Minotto, Marcus J. Lawrence, Bill Sullivan, and Bruce Brockett (point to thumbnail for larger view).