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Team Members
Meeting Notes

Purpose. The Pesticide Safety Education Leadership Team provides coordination and planning in support of effective and sustainable Pesticide Safety Education that meets the needs of Arizona stakeholders.


Team Members

Michael Wierda mwierda@email.arizona.edu Coordinator, Assistant in Extension, Pesticide Safety
Peter Ellsworth peterell@cals.arizona.edu, (Chair), Pesticide Coordinator & IPM Coordinator
Dawn Gouge dhgouge@Ag.arizona.edu, Community IPM & Publich Health Specialist
John Palumbo jpalumbo@Ag.arizona.edu, Vegetable IPM Specialist
Kai Umeda kumeda@cals.arizona.edu, County Agent, Turf Management
Al Fournier fournier@cals.arizona.edu, IPM Assessment Specialist
Jennifer Weber jweber@azda.gov, Pesticide Safety Field Consultant, Arizona Department of Agriculture


Meeting Notes

August 21, 2014 Meeting Notes (PDF, 123KB)




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