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Update! The Cotton Team is now the Agricultural Extension Team. The focus of our working group has broadened to facilitate statewide communication and program planning for agricultural research and outreach. Our group is made up of University of Arizona Specialists, Agricultural Agents, and USDA partners with an interest in agricultural research and outreach.

Funding. The Ag Team is funded through an intramural grant from UA Cooperative Extension.
2013 Ag Team Report (PDF, 220KB)
2012 Ag Team Proposal (PDF, 115KB)
2012 Ag Team Report (PDF, 176KB)
2011 Ag Team Proposal (PDF, 138KB)
2011 Ag Team Report (PDF, 193KB)
2010 Ag Team Proposal (PDF, 82KB)
2010 Ag Team Report (PDF, 115KB)
2009 Ag Team Proposal (PDF, 76KB)
2008-2009 Cotton Team Report (PDF, 76KB)
2008 Cotton Team Proposal and 2007 Report (PDF, 117KB)



State Coordinator: Shawna Loper

Team Members:
Pedro Andrade (Maricopa Ag Center / Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering), Lydia Brown (Assistant in Extension, Agronomic Crops IPM), Paul Brown (Soil, Water & Environmental Science), Wayne Dixon (Assistant in Extension, IPM Assessment), Peter C. Ellsworth (Maricopa Ag Center / Entomology), Al Fournier (Maricopa Ag Center), Shawna Loper (Pinal County), Ed Martin (Maricopa Ag Center / Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering), Mike Matheron (Yuma Ag Center / Plant Science), Bill McCloskey (Plant Sciences), Ayman Mostafa (Maricopa County), Kurt Nolte (Yuma Co.), Mike Ottman (Plant Sciences) Randy Norton (Graham County), Mary Olsen (Plant Sciences), John Palumbo (Yuma Ag Center / Entomology), Bob Roth (Maricopa Ag Center / Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering), Charles Sanchez (Yuma Ag Center / Soil, Water & Environmental Science), Mark Siemens (Yuma Ag Center), Barry Tickes (La Paz & Yuma Countiew), Russ Tronstad (Agricultural and Resource Economics), Trent Teegerstrom (Agricultural and Resource Economics), James Walworth (Maricopa County / Soil, Water & Environmental Science), Mike Wierda (Assistant in Extension, Pesticide Safety Education)


Current Leadership

Specialist Co-Chair: Russell Tronstad
Assistant in Extension Co-Chair: Lydia Brown


The Cotton Report

We have instituted a peer review process for Cotton Report articles. For more information see the Cotton Report page.


Meeting Notes

March 30, 2016 (PDF, 57KB)
November 18, 2015 (PDF, 111KB)
August 6, 2015 (PDF, 16KB)
June 3, 2015 (PDF, 94KB)
September 3, 2014 (PDF, 102KB)
June 6, 2014 (PDF, 71KB)
May 14, 2014: Extension Ag Team Recommendations for Extension Strategic Hiring Plan (PDF, 100KB)
January 17, 2014 (PDF, 124KB)
September 6, 2013 (PDF, 117KB)
December 10, 2012 (PDF, 108KB)
August 8, 2012 (PDF, 170KB)
March 21, 2012 (PDF, 50KB)
September 6, 2011 (PDF, 134KB)
July 21, 2011 (PDF, 58KB)
April 26, 2011 (PDF, 99KB)
August 19, 2010 (PDF, 117KB)
February 5, 2010 (PDF, 120KB)
September 11, 2009 (PDF, 75KB)
March 20, 2009 (PDF, 92KB)
September 15, 2008 (PDF, 81KB)
May 12, 2008
Meeting notes
Sam Wang presentation (PDF, 18KB)
Pedro Andrade presentation (PDF, 1MB)
October 23, 2007 (no notes available)
June 29, 2007 (PDF, 109KB)
January 29, 2007 (PDF, 145KB)
September 18, 2006 (PDF, 75KB)
April 20, 2006 (PDF, 82KB)


Next Meeting

The next meeting date has not been set. Please check back soon.



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