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Purpose: The Cross-commodity Research & Outreach Program (CROP) working group was formed in 2000 to address the need for timely communication of scientific information that spans across both crops and disciplines. The group's major goal is to anticipate and proactively resolve problems unique to cross-commodity interactions by engaging agricultural stakeholders to identify and discuss key issues and to provide input on research and education needs.

The CROP Working Group is funded through and intramural grant from UA Cooperative Extension.
2009 Proposal and Report (PDF, 167KB)

2009 Membership

State Coordinator(s): Erin Taylor, John Palumbo, Peter C. Ellsworth, Al Fournier

U of A Team Members: David Byrne, Ed Martin, Mike Matheron, Bill McCloskey, Eric Norton, Kurt Nolte, Randy Norton, Jeffery Silvertooth, Mary Olsen, Paul Brown, Russ Tronstad, Trent Teegerstrom, Rob Grumbles, Rick Gibson, Gene Giacomelli, Jorge Fonseca, Rob Call, George Frisvold, Susan McGinley, Barry Pryor, Bob Roth, Larry Sullivan, Barry Tickes, James Walworth, Glenn Wright, Judy Brown, Robert MacArthur, Wayne Coates, Rob Leonard, Barron Orr, Mike Ottman, Gary Thompson, Sam Wang, Pedro Andrade, Channa Rock, Yves Carriere, Xianchun Li, Dave Crowder



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