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Purpose and Background
Current Membership
Proposals and Reports
Meeting Notes

Purpose and Background

Noxious, invasive weeds threaten the ecological and economic health of Arizona. There is a need for increased research, education and control of noxious weeds in the state. The purpose of the UA Cooperative Extension Statewide Noxious & Invasive Weed Working Group is to improve communication among entities, such as Weed Management Areas, for sharing of pertinent information, research findings and educational strategies.


Current Membership

State Coordinator: Larry Howery

Kevin Fitzsimmons, Specialist, Professor & Research Scientist, CALS International Programs
Al Fournier, IPM Program Manager, Maricopa Agricultural Center
Rob Grumbles, Agent, ANR & County Director, Mohave County
Chris Jones, Associate Agent, ANR, Gila County
Kim McReynolds, Area Agent, Natural Resources, Cochise, Graham & Greenlee Counties
Gerald Moore, Agent, ANR & Youth Development, Navajo Nation
Ed Northam, Invasive Weed Program Coordinator, Maricopa County
Barron Orr, Associate Specialist, Geospatial Technology, Office of Arid Lands
Jeff Schalau, Associate Agent, ANR & County Director, Yavapai County
Kai Umeda, ANR/Turf Area Agent, Maricopa Co.


Proposals and Reports

Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 232KB)
Grant Request 2012 (PDF, 134KB)
2009 Logic Model (PDF, 224KB)
2009 Strategic Plan (PDF, 99KB)
2009 Report (PDF, 59KB)


Meeting Notes

March 29, 2012 (PDF, 80KB)



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