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"Prospective" Resistance Management Project Team


Purpose and Background

Purpose. The project team will pro-actively address significant threats of whitefly resistance to several key selective insecticides in our multi-crop system. Our innovative outreach approach uses spatial chemical use maps we develop from agricultural pesticide use reporting data to support and inform pest manager insecticide use decisions based on pesticide use patterns and probabilities of resistance development. We will test spatial hypotheses about the relationship of prior chemical use to development of resistance in whiteflies by sampling whiteflies from target areas (high-use or low/no-use) and testing for resistance. Finally, we will measure changes in awareness, knowledge, skills, behavior and condition with respect to resistance status, chemical use practices and landscape concepts in resistance management.

Grant Citation: Ellsworth, P.C., N. Prabhaker, S.J. Castle, J.C. Palumbo, Y. Carrière, A.J. Fournier, W.A. Dixon, L.M. Brown. "Prospective" Resistance Management: Empowering Growers to Partition Chemistry in Space and Time. USDA-NIFA Applied Research and Development Program $250,000. (Sept 2014-Aug 2016).

Project Team

Peter Ellsworth, Cotton IPM Specialist, University of Arizona
Nilima Prabhaker, Associate Specialist Entomology, University of California Riverside
Steve Castle, Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS
John Palumbo, Vegetable IPM Specialist, University of Arizona
Yves Carrière, Professor, Entomology (spatial analysis), University of Arizona
Alfred Fournier, IPM Evaluation Specialist, University of Arizona
Wayne Dixon, Assistant in Extension, IPM Assessment, University of Arizona
Lydia Brown, Assistant in Extension, Agronomic Crops IPM, University of Arizona
Naomi Pier, Graduate Student, Entomology and Insect Science, University of Arizona

Team Meetings

09/29/15 Project Meeting
        PowerPoint with data summaries and graphics. (PDF, 1220KB)
        Meeting Minutes includes an update and review of the project to date; with member input. (PDF, 422KB)
        Agenda includes a project task timeline for each objective. (PDF, 178KB)
05/21/15 All Hands Whitefly Project Meeting Notes includes discussions and input from all team members. (PDF, 407KB)
04/08/15 Whitefly P-IRM Project Meeting Notes includes photos of whiteboard, figures and subsequent discussions. (PDF, 359KB)
10/15/14 Project Kick-off Meeting Notes includes photos of whiteboard, figures and tables from the grant and subsequent discussions. (PDF, 917KB)

Project Discussions

05/03/15 Whitefly P-IRM Project Discussion (Part 2) on chemical use map construction. (PDF, 149KB)
04/29/15 Whitefly P-IRM Project Discussion (Part 1, updated) on chemical use map construction. (PDF, 365KB)


IPM Short: First Principles of Resistance Management

Evaluation Instruments

02/04/15 Survey for Meetings
04/15/15 Online Survey
06/17/15 Map Access Website Pre-and-Post Survey
Post season follow-up Survey




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