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Purpose: The APMC has received EPA funding to develop educational materials and at least 6 live training sessions with users of soil fumigants. The trainings need to cover significant label changes and implementation of risk mitigation measures for soil fumigant use. Randy Norton was funded through an APMC proposal to provide leadership in developing and implementing the trainings.

Team Members:

Randy Norton (State Leadership), Kurt Nolte, Bill McCloskey, Peter Ellsworth, Al Fournier, Mike McClure, Mary Olsen, Kai Umeda, Jerome Otto (Dow AgroSciences), Jack Peterson (ADA) and Jennifer Weber (ADA).


Team Activities and Outputs

Training Events

Soil Fumigation Training Workshop Schedule, Feb 22 - 25, at four Arizona locations: Yuma, Buckeye, Willcox and Maricopa


Soil Fumigation - New Risk Mitigation Measures. Presentation by Randy Norton that summarizes new EPA label requirements. PDF version(8.12MB), PPT version(4.85MB)

Safety Information For Handlers Participating in Field Fumigant Application for 1,3 Dichloropropene (1,3-D)/Chloropicrin Combination Products. DRAFT Presentation by Dow AgroSciences Team as part of EPA training materials. PDF version(1.13MB)


EPA Information on Soil Fumigant Label Changes

EPA Website: Resources on New Regulations

New! EPA's Soil Fumigant Toolbox provides training, outreach, and other resource materials for applicators and handlers, communities, state and local agencies, and others interested in understanding and implementing the current requirements for safe use of soil fumigants.

Implementation of Risk Mitigation Measures for Soil Fumigant Pesticides
The EPA website includes detailed information and resources to support implementation of the new risk mitigation measures. Highlights include:

Proposed Changes and Public Comment Process:

PowerPoint: EPA Update on Status of Soil Fumigant Regulator Activities (PDF, 64KB) Steve Bradbury, Deputy Office Director and Rick Keigwin, Director of Pesticide Re-evaluation Division, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA. November 2009.

Risk Mitigation Options to Address Inhalation Exposures from Soil Fumigant Applications (PDF, 76KB) EPA Fact Sheet. May 2, 2007. A summary of proposed risk mitigation measures and questions for public comment.

Pesticide Labels:

Updated Product Label for Telone C-35 (PDF,1.8MB) from Dow AgroSciences, accepted by EPA April 28, 2010.


Team Resources

Recent Resources on EPA Label Changes:

Soil Fumigant Regulations: EPA Responds to Stakeholders (PDF, 675KB), Article in The Pesticide Label newsletter from University of Hawaii at Manoa Cooperative Extension Service. October - December 2009. Provides an update of Reregistration Eligibility Decisions.

New Fumigant Safety Measures (PDF, 329KB) from Wisconsin training manual.

PowerPoint: US EPA Soil Fumigant Training Course for Oregon OSHA Inspectors (PDF, 1.0MB) (author unknown).

Chloropicrin Fumigant REDs Regulations Overview (PDF, 102KB) University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension, Publication #HS1168. April, 2010.

Older but Useful Resources on Soil Fumigation:

Powerpoint: Fumigant RED Documents (PDF, 506KB) David H. Daiker, Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Pesticide Review Council, September 8, 2008.

Fumigation Changes Coming! Urgent Need for Comments (PDF, 122KB) Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association, Environmental & Pest Management newsletter, no. 77. October 6, 2008.


Meeting Notes:

August 19, 2010 (PDF, 100KB)

November 30, 2010 (PDF, 81KB)




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