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Team Members

The Vegetable IPM Leadership Team serves as a steering committee to guide the development and implementation of IPM programs for vegetable crops in Arizona. The team is located in the center of one of the world’s most productive regions for leafy vegetables, brassicas, and melon crops in Yuma, AZ and helps coordinate the activities of the Assistant in Extension for Vegetable Crops.


Team Members

John Palumbo (Chair) jpalumbo@ag.arizona.edu, Vegetable IPM Specialist
Barry Tickes btickes@ag.arizona.edu, Area Weed Management Agent
Mike Matheron matheron@ag.arizona.edu, Plant Pathology Specialist
Marco Peña marcop@ag.arizona.edu, Assistant in Extension
Peter Ellsworth peterell@cals.arizona.edu, IPM Coordinator
Al Fournier fournier@cals.arizona.edu, IPM Assessment Specialist



Vegetable IPM Updates: The biweekly advisories each include an Insect, Weed, and Plant Pathology update from Team Specialists on the latest issues of concern for growers and PCAs.

Vegetable IPM Updates Archive: View previous Updates going back to January 2010.

Vegetable IPM Videos: View short team videos on a variety of pest management topics.




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