2017-2018 AREC MS students

AREC is proud to present our continuing and incoming cohort for the 2017-2018 academic year.  You can view each of their profiles at https://cals.arizona.edu/arec/graduate-students.

From left to right:

Front row:  Pengfan Zhang, Xiaoting Wu, Nate Hu, Celia Simpson, Joseph Blumberg, Jessica Qiao, Chris Salters, Mubanga Chishimba, Elena Chin, Joseph Navelski.

Back row: Xinye Wu, Dezheng Qu, Shanguan Lou, Anthony Batchelder, Rowan Isaaks, Ryan Young, Siddharth Kishore, Andrew Lobo. 

Not pictured: Rajat Gupta, Mustofa Mahmud Al Mamun, Natalia Perozzo.