ABEM Student Spotlight Sinclair Clinton

We asked Sinclair to share his Summer 2018 internship experience with all of us, below is his story.

"During the Summer 2018, I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship with Rabobank in its US headquarters in New York.

Being an Australian citizen, I started my university career in Australia. While studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness at the University of New England, I got the opportunity to gain work experience with Rabobank in rural NSW. Through this experience, I met a lot of great people whom I have stayed in contact. Prior to the summer of 2018, I reached out those contacts at Rabobank to see if there was a possibility for me to experience an internship with them in the US. I was lucky enough to find out that they had an opportunity in their US headquarters and jumped at the opportunity.

My internship lasted roughly 3 months and I was part of the research division. Over the three months, I was tasked with performing deep dives into the sugar and potato industries within the US. This was extremely interesting as I was looking at partial equilibriums and using a lot of data to analyse production within the two industries and, to see how the US traded both with its NAFTA members and Worldwide. With changes in NAFTA occurring whilst I was on my internship, I experienced first-hand how quickly things change and how these policies affect business.

After completing my internship, I can now confidently say that not only do I have a far greater appreciation of how a rural bank operates, but I have grown my technical, research and communication skills. I have gained invaluable experience that relates first hand to my degree.

While I have not had the experience of working within another bank, I can understand why Rabobank is considered the world leader. The culture of the bank, the people involved and, their professional knowledge amazed me. They could not have been more helpful, inclusive and gracious.

I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity that Rabobank extended to me and the people that went out of their way to make my experience valuable. I would highly recommend Rabobank, its culture and, its internship program to anyone whom is lucky enough to be offered a position."


Sinclair Clinton with Rabobank interns 2018
The above image is from Sinclair during the internship.

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