Joseph Navelski

BA, Sociology, Univ. Of New Hampshire

Thesis Title

Does Open Government Pay? The Impacts of Open Government on Trust in Public Institutions

Initial Placement

Washington State University, PhD Program

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) Country of Service


RPCV Service Years


RPCV Service Sector

Agriculture and Food Security

How did the AREC program connect your service and help you prepare for your professional experiences?

The program’s applied economic curriculum was great at facilitating my research interests in Economic Development because it gave me the analytical tools to investigate the development questions that surfaced during my Peace Corps Service. Furthermore, many of the program’s faculty members have experience in conducting economic development research or have experience working in the field as RPCVs, and because of this, I found it easy to discuss and ask questions in a conducive and relatable academic environment. Acquiring the analytical tools needed to conduct economic research helped me obtain a professional position as a Research Economist Intern for USDA’s Economic Research Services, and the supportive academic environment has enabled me to reach my goal of being accepted as a PhD Candidate

Why would you recommend that an RPCV join our M.S. program?

The MS-AREC Program is highly supportive of the diverse academic, professional, and personal backgrounds of each student that is accepted into the program. This atmosphere allows you to grow as a researcher and/or professional in the field that you are interested in working in.