AREC article published in Journal of Extension

Ashley Kerna, George Frisvold, Laurel Jacobs, Vanessa A. Farrell, Linda Houtkooper, and Scottie Misner. (2015). Application of IMPLAN to Extension Programs: Economic Impacts of the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension SNAP-Ed Spending, Journal of Extension [On-line], 53 (6) Article 6TOT4. Available at:

Abstract: Many Extension programs are turning to the input-output software IMPLAN to demonstrate economic impacts. IMPLAN is a powerful tool that can be used to estimate the total economic activity associated with an industry, event, or policy. One possible application, therefore, is to use program spending data to estimate the economic effects of Extension's presence in the region. Yet results should be interpreted with care because they can report gross‑rather than net—economic effects. This article provides an example of IMPLAN application by estimating the net change in state economic activity resulting from University of Arizona Cooperative Extension SNAP-Ed spending.