AREC student earns internship award

Alexandria Eatherly is graduating this December 2015 and has already accepted a job offer with Helena Chemical Company.  How did she obtain this position before she has her diploma in hand?  She completed an internship with them in the summer of 2015 and with her driven nature and agribusiness skills earned from her undergrad work in the Agribusiness Economics and Management (ABEM) major, that's how!  Helena Chemical Company bestowed on Alexandria the 2015 Outstanding West Central Division Intern Award.  You can read in full detail about this here.  AREC applauds Alexandria for her effort and we wish her much success in her career with Helena Chemical.

When Alexandria was asked about her choice to study ABEM, below is what she had to say.

Why did you choose the Agribusiness Economics and Management major?

“I started out in Animal Science- Management path however, after interning of a feedlot in that industry I realized this specialization wasn't for me. I chose to go with the ABEM degree because with economic and management skills under my belt I'd have a general education of the agriculture business industry and could chose the career I was passionate about from there. Having a degree applicable for every sector made fielding opportunities easier as well”.    


Advice for incoming ABEM majors?

“Don't be discouraged by the economics and mathematics courses. There wasn't one professor I had that wasn't willing to help me anyway they could. The AREC department is small and you end up having major classes with the same people, making study groups and networking easier. All the professors truly have you best interest at heart and will help you if you seek the help and support. 

Internships are a great opportunity, try to find one that is more than just a summer job, one that challenges you and helps you grow. My two summers as a Marketing and Sales Intern were extremely valuable to the rest on my college education and career”.


 What has been your favorite thing about this major? 

“The classes were my favorite, AREC360 AREC339 and AREC464.  All of the AREC classes were great! However, these classes covered my personal interest that lead to my chose in becoming an ABEM major. Getting a Business Administration minor within my major requirements through Eller was a rewarding bonus”.