AREC students attend Ag Forum 2019

With a generous invitation from UA alum Mr. Tom Schorr, three students from the Dept were able to attend the 23rd Annual Spring Ag Forum, AZ Chapter - American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers in Phoenix in February 2019.  The students that attended and pictured from left to right are: Camden McGregor, (Mr. Tom Schorr), Stephani Tucci, and Taylor Dew.  The trio of students had the opportunity to hear directly from Arizona experts in water, land appraisals and various Ag industries.  Below are the comments provided by Stephani, Taylor and Camden regarding their experience attending the Forum.  We are thankful for the invitation extended to our students, thank you, Mr. Schorr!  

Group image

AREC students posing with Mr. Tom Schorr at Ag Forum



"It was an incredibly interesting and informative event, that helped me gain a better understanding and knowledge of the current state of Arizona agriculture and real estate development. It was also a great opportunity to meet the people who are involved in the industry as well." 


"My experience at the 23rd Annual Ag. Forum broadened my understanding of Arizona professionals in agricultural economics, the real-estate industry, and the analysis on agricultural crops in Arizona. Mark Manfredo, the Associate Dean of ASU, gave a presentation about economic outlooks that I found very interesting because the classes I’ve taken at the University of Arizona teach the skills Mark was using to present a very insightful lecture. I would highly recommend anyone studying in the AREC department to attend the Annual Ag. Forum to get a better understanding of the professionals in these unique field of study."


"I sat down at a table in the front row next to a man whom I did not realize was Tom Davis, a speaker from the Yuma County Water Users Association.  Mr. Davis and the other speakers provided so much insight into Arizona's future with regards to water and economic growth.  As someone who has only lived in Arizona for 5 years I did not understand it's water management history at all, beyond the fact that it seemed to make sense if a desert was in a drought.  This was a great opportunity to meet people of various backgrounds that worked in all facets of the agricultural industry and I extremely thankful that I was able to take part in this enlightening experience."


Image of the agenda