Dennis Cory

Professor; Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1977; Environmental Law and Economics

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Cory joined the faculty at The University of Arizona in 1977. In addition to his teaching and research activities in the Department, he also has been a visiting scholar at the University of Portici in Naples, Italy, the New University of Lisbon in Portugal, the University of Reading in England, and La Sapienza College of Law at the University of Rome. For the past five years he has been conducting research on environmental justice issues in Arizona. Recently completed projects on environmental justice have involved the documentation of disparate-impact discrimination in the context of siting potentially polluting activities, enforcement of the Safe Drinking Water Act, and remediation of CERCLA/WQARF sites in Arizona.

Dr. Cory has received the Best Published Research Award from the Western Agricultural Economics Association, the Outstanding Junior Faculty Award of The University of Arizona, the Superior Teaching Recognition from the Arizona Associated Students Association, and has served as Head of the Department (1996-2001) and President of the Western Agricultural Economics Administrators Association (2000). Current field of research interest is environmental law and economics, an academic field within economics concerned with the control of environmental risk

Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Honors

Best Published Research Award, WAEA
President, Western Agricultural Economics Administrators Association
Honorable Mention, Best Article, Journal of the American Water Resources Association

Classes Taught

AREC 476, Environmental Law and Economics
AREC 576, Natural Resource Law and Economics

Selected Publications

Cory, Dennis C., and Tauhidur Rahman. “Environmental Justice and Enforcement of the Safe Drinking Water Act: The Arizona Aresenic Experience,” Ecological Economics, 68(2009):1825–1837.

Aradhyula, Satheesh, Melissa A. Burns, and Dennis C. Cory. 2006. “On Environmental Justice and the Documentation of Disparate-Impact Discrimination,” Cardon Research Paper, 2006-04, pp. 1–42.

Innes, Robert and Dennis C. Cory, 2006. “The Economics of Safe Drinking Water,” in The Economics of Water Quality, edited by K. William Easter and Naomi Zeitouni, Ashgate Publishing Limited, London, England, pp. 313–336.

Babbitt, Charles J., Dennis C. Cory, and Beth L. Kruchek. “Discretion and the Criminalization of Environmental Law,” Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum 15, 1(2004):1–64.

Cory, Dennis C. and Germani, Anna Rita. “Criminal Sanctions for Agricultural Violations of the Clean Water Act,” Water Policy 4, 6(2002):491–514.

Innes, Robert and Dennis Cory. “The Economics of Safe Drinking Water,” Land Economics 77, 1(Feb 2001):94–117.

Colby, Bonnie G. and Dennis C. Cory. “Valuing Amenity Resources Under Uncertainty: Does the Existence of Fair Coningent Claims Markets Matter?” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 16(1989):149–155.

Cory, Dennis C. and Bonnie Colby Saliba. “Requiem for Option Value,” Land Economics 63, no.1(1987):1–10.

Cory, Dennis C., Russell L. Gum, William E. Martin, and Ray Brokken. “Measuring Consumer Welfare Change: A Simplified Procedure,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 63, no.4(November 1981): 715–17.

Current Papers and Projects

Cory, Dennis C. Miles H. Kriger, and Tauhidur Rahman. “Environmental Federalism, Regulatory Capture, and the Safe Drinking Water Act: The Arizona Experience.”

Cory, Dennis C. Robert Ebel, and Tauhidur Rahman. “Which Neighborhood Attributes Matter? The Influence of Ethnicity, School Quality, and Property Crime on Property Values in Pima County.”