Marketing & Management

AREC Extension faculty support farmers and ranchers with information resources on marketing of products and services, as well as best practices in ranch and farm management in order to enhance the productivity, profitability, and access to markets for farming enterprises.  

Tools & Resources

This online platform and mobile app enables producers desiring to directly market their products and farm experiences to connect directly with consumers.

Online animal ID system for small ranches that allows for tracking financial transactions, livestock events, and stocking of pastures at

Livestock Records Workbooks
This workbook is available to help producers with limited access to computers and internet better record and manage their livestock. Funds to reproduce these workbooks have come mainly from grants awarded by the Western Center for Risk Management Education.

This program area emphasizes basic specialty crop farming practices for small scale operations addressing: entrepreneurship and business training, financial and risk management training, record keeping practices, crop selection, diversification and marketing strategies, advanced training for soils and irrigation, hoop house operations, and safe food production and handling practices. Our audiences include Native American tribes in Arizona and New Mexico, Limited Resource Producers, Youth, Veterans, and other beginning farmer participants.