Dan Scheitrum

Assistant Professor; Ph.D. UC Davis, 2017; Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics
(520) 621-4670
Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Scheitrum is an assistant professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Arizona. His research examines the economic, trade, and financial impacts of agricultural and energy policy. Recent projects include examining the impacts of approvals of GMO products on cultivation and international trade, estimating the price impact of California’s animal welfare law AB 1437, and estimating the behavioral response to animal disease management programs in the UK. Dr. Scheitrum routinely employs University of Arizona High Performance Computing resources in his empirical estimation. Dr. Scheitrum teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in microeconomics and commodity markets.

Awards and Honors

ExxonMobil Fellow 2014–2015

Selected Publications

Schaefer, K. A. and Scheitrum, D.. “Sewing Terror: Price Dynamics of the Strawberry Needle Crisis.” The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, (forthcoming).

Zuo, N., Josephson, A., and Scheitrum, D. “Engaging Students in Global Agriculture: Three Authentic-Learning Classroom Interventions.” NACTA Journal, (forthcoming).

Carter, C. A., Schaefer, K. A. and Scheitrum, D.. “Raising Cane: Hedging Calamity in Australian Sugar.” Journal of Commodity Markets, (forthcoming).

Scheitrum, D. “Impact of Intensity Standards on Alternative Fuel Adoption: Renewable Natural Gas and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.” The Energy Journal 41 (2) (2020).

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​Fan, Y., Lee, A., Parker, N., Scheitrum, D., Jaffe, A.M., Dominguez-Faus, R., and Medlock, K. "Geospatial, temporal and economic analysis of alternative fuel infrastructure: The case of freight and U.S. natural gas markets." The Energy Journal, 38(6) (2017).

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