Russell Tronstad

Professor and Extension Specialist; Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1989; Agricultural Marketing and Operations Research Methods
(520) 621-2425
Professor and Extension Specialist

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Tronstad’s research interests include agricultural marketing, risk management, international trade, and operations research methods. Fruit and vegetable commodities, range livestock, and field crops are a part of his research and extension activities. Much of his work focuses on decision tools and aids that jointly consider production, marketing, and risk factors. He is a past co-editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Awards and Honors

University of Arizona Distinguished Outreach Professor
Extension Faculty of the Year, University of Arizona
President-Elect, President, Past President, and Vice-President, WAEA
Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Group Award, AAEA
Distinguished Extension Program Award, AAEA
Distinguished Extension Project Award, WAEA (twice)
Outstanding Extension Project Group Award, WAEA
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Outstanding Journal Article Award
Southwest Indian Agricultural Association, Tribal Agricultural Education Appreciation Award

Selected Publications

Sall, I., R. Tronstad, and S. Aradhyula. 2019. “Beef Production Alliance Preferences for Vertical Integration: A Bivariate Nested Panel Probit Approach.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics44(1):165–179.

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