Trent Teegerstrom

Specialist; M.S., West Virginia University, 1993; Production Economics, Crop Budget Development, Risk Management Education
(520) 621-6245

Teaching and Research Interests

Mr. Teegerstrom joined the Department faculty in 1997. His main areas of concentration are production economics and risk management education. In Arizona, much of his work is focused on the continued development of the Arizona Vegetable Budgets, the Arizona Field Crop Budgets, the Cost and Return Estimates for the state's livestock industry, and the Arizona Farm Machinery cost estimates. He is currently involved in a number of regional studies covering agricultural labor and risk management. Mr. Teegerstrom is a member of the Western Farm Management Extension Committee and a board member for Southwest Indian Agriculture Association (SWIAA).  Mr. Teegerstrom is also the Associate Director of Tribal Extension for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,  View the video highlighting the important work Cooperative Extension does with Arizona Tribal communities

Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Honors

Administrator of the Year Award 2019-2020, Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE)
Appointed Personnel of the Year Award for Excellence, CALS, University of Arizona
Outstanding Extension Project Group Award, WAEA
Outstanding Service to the Western Center for Risk Management Education
Cooperative Extension Team Award, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension

Selected Publications

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