May 2019 Commencement

Friday, May 10th, 2019 was the University of Arizona's latest commencement exercise.

Pictured are AREC's newest M.S. graduates:  (left to right) Rajat Gupta, Nate Hu, Xiaoting Wu, Ryan Young, Penfang Zhang, Joseph Blumberg, and Celia Simpson.

And the newest AREC graduates with AREC faculty: (front row, left to right) Rajat Gupta, Xiaoting Wu, Nate Hu, Penfang Zhang, and Celia Simpson. (back row, left to right) Dr. Na Zuo, Dr. Gary Thompson, Dr. Bonnie Colby, Dr. Dan Scheitrum, Ryan Young, Dr. Tauhid Rahman, Joesph Blumberg, and Dr. Russ Tronstad.

A final photo during commencement exercises