Undergrad has terrific summer internship!

Dustin Tran, AREC senior, had a fabulous internship this past summer. Dustin is majoring in agribusiness economics & management with an emphasis in agricultural economics. Here's what he had to say about it.

“For Summer 2017 I had the great opportunity to work at Northwestern Mutual Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was positioned in the Planning & Sales department where I worked as a sales analytics intern under the Regional Sales Team and Resource Management & Analytics. In Milwaukee, I was able to utilize my understanding of economics to assist in constructing data models that would assist the department in developing sales strategies. In addition to all of the industry knowledge I was able to gain, Northwestern Mutual gave me the award for Biggest Business Impact at the inaugural intern expo for the project that my team helped me create.

As for the company culture, it is definitely unique and very comfortable. Northwestern Mutual provides interns round-trip flights to Milwaukee and also free housing for the entire summer in, arguably, the best part of town and also full-access to the company gym. Lunch is provided free for all employees every single day and the prominent “lunch culture” of the company allows for powerful networking opportunities as senior executives are just a lunch invitation away.

The city of Milwaukee is often glanced over, but it is a fantastic place to have worked in over the summer. For a mid-size metropolitan area, it packs plenty of activities including different cultural fairs every single week, water activities right next to Lake Michigan and the country’s largest music festival: Summerfest (the company gives you free tickets). Milwaukee is also only one and a half hours away from Chicago which has a Six Flags on the ride there, in case any one would like to take a quick pit stop.

Overall, my experience at Northwestern Mutual was extremely rewarding and fulfilling. There will be an information session at Eller on Monday (Sept. 25) for anyone interested in being a part of the internship experience next year.”