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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) prepares students to assume responsible positions in the management of the world's natural and human resources. Private firms and government agencies seek employees with excellent problem-solving, data analysis and communication skills. Students develop these skills through their studies in agribusiness management, finance, economic theory, natural resource economics, environmental regulation, quantitative techniques, and economic development, both domestic and international.


See and hear recent graduate Danielle Jess' student experience as an Agbusiness major:  view the video at https://youtu.be/rGtBXtQdXqk


You do not need a farm or ranch background to major in agricultural and resource economics. In fact, most of our majors come from rural towns and large metropolitan areas. Our students are interested in managing the production of food and fiber, regulating the use of natural resources, starting their own businesses, marketing agricultural products, selling inputs to agricultural firms, and managing large agribusiness corporations. Our programs are flexible enough to meet the unique needs and interests of each student.  Agribusiness is the intersection of business and agriculture.  This means it's everything related to food production, from seeds to sales, from farms to factories, from turf to transport to table.

We offer two undergraduate majors as Bachelor of Science degrees in Agribusiness Economics & Management (ABEM) which has two emphasis options from which students may choose, either Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness Management which requires the Business Administration (BNAD) minor, the second major we offer is Environmental & Water Resource Economics (EWRE).  UA students are required to complete all degree requirements which includes, a minimum of 120 total units, 42 of which must be upper division units (courses numbered 300-499) and students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA), as well as all major courses and applicable minor courses in order to graduate. 

For academic advising, please visit with Danielle Buhrow, AREC undergraduate academic advisor, to discuss our majors, academic plans and to review degree requirements, students can log in to Trellis Advise here (external link https://ua-trellis.force.com/uastudent/s/) to view her weekly schedule and to make an appointment or view drop-in office hours.  Go to McClelland Park 308A to see assistance during drop-ins or for scheduled appointments, sign in and wait for your name to be called.  Daily, the academic advisor is not available 12:00-1:30PM.  To declare any AREC majors or minors, please email Danielle Buhrow at danielleb@email.arizona.edu with your name, student id number and which major/minor you are interested in declaring.

See our undergraduate AREC e-Announcements here.

See our course offerings for the current semester here.

See the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences' Career Center website here.


B.S. Agribusiness Economics and Management (ABEM)

In the Agribusiness Economics & Management major you will:

  • Take courses in business administration and applied economics
  • Develop problem solving, and decision making skills
  • Focus on critical management issues dealing with land, people, food, water, and capital
  • Prepare for careers here and abroad
  • Practice for your future career in senior-level capstone courses that use real world simulations and cases

After you graduate, there are many options:

  • Farm or ranch manager
  • Wholesale buyer
  • Food category manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Stockbroker
  • Plant Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Financial Analyst
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Management Trainee
  • Various positions in government or non-profit organizations
  • Graduate School
  • See the "What can I do with this major" document for more information regarding careers in AgBusiness.
  • See the "What can I do with this major" document for more information regarding careers in Business Analytics.

B.S. Environmental & Water Resource Economics (EWRE)

Take four core classes, then design your own degree drawing from courses in three areas of specialization:

  • Environmental and Water Sciences
  • Management and Policy
  • Quantitative Methods

In the Environmental & Water Resource Economics major you will

  • Receive training in environmental and natural resource economics and in quantitative methods
  • Integrate your studies with science, politics, law, information technology, project management, marketing, and communications

After you graduate, there are many options:

We also offer undergraduate minors in:

Agribusiness Economics & Management (ABEM) , see the minor checklist here

Environmental & Water Resource Economics (EWRE), see the minor checklist here

Students pursuing either ABEM or EWRE majors cannot declare these minors.


Minor Checklists

Major Checklist for academic year 2019-2020, 4 year plan within.  For students starting Fall 2019

Pima Community College

2+2 plan  Academic Year 2018-2019

ABEM minor Academic years 2012-present

Checklist for ABEM-ECON 2019-2020 PCC & ABEM 4 year plan


Checklist for ABEM-MGMT 2019-2020  

EWRE Minor Academic years 2012 to present

Checklist for EWRE 2019-2020 PCC & EWRE 4 year plan