Why Choose AREC MS?



In the video:

  • Omar Beltran, a 2nd year student.

  • Weide Wang, a 2nd year student.

  • Suhina Deol, a 2nd year student.

  • Runfeng (Daniel) Li, a 2nd year student.

Transcription of AREC MS video:

My name is Omar.
My name is Weide Wang.
My name is Suhina Deol
My name is Daniel, I am from China.
I grew up in Mexico.
I come from China.
And, I am originally from India, but I grew up throughout the Midwest.
And I am apart of the Agricultural &Resource Economics department.
I am the 2nd year student.
This is my 2nd year here, and my last, so I am really gonna miss it.
You work with professors that are here to help you.
You get a lot of one on one time together.
They're amazing, super knowledgeable, they challenge us, they are really, really kind and they have taught me a lot. Yeah, their doors are always open.
I think, we have an environment of studying, and having fun.
All of your hard work comes with happiness.
One of the things that really surprised me about this program is how fast I made friends with some of these guys.
I feel that there is a sense of community, we help each other out with our assignments, we hang out outside of the classroom.
Just being around these people, is just like, amazing.  It's like my home away from home.
You can have a big and happy family here.
They keep you going and your professors keep you going, and you're just like, I'm gonna do this and it's going to be okay.  And you look so forward to going to class, you know?
The most beautiful thing of this program is that from beginning to end, I think it helps you develop some practical skills for future careers.
You will be working with these huge data sets.
I deal with real data from the Agriculture department.
Everything you learn, you use, outside of the classroom.
It helps you to memorize everything and improve yourself.
Most people that go through it, end up finding a job right away, or they are placed into a top PhD program.
Our alumni come back all of the time, and they want to get to know us, so whenever they are looking for a new economist or researcher, they are like, "hey are you interested" and it's like, yes thanks, now I have a job before I graduate.
This program is very challenging, but it is also very rewarding.  This has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life.


Video was created/produced by Aengus Anderson, music from bensound.com


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