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Research and Resources with ART

The ART Group encourages researchers from all areas of science to become active research members of the group. Research requires cooperation among scientists, and in ART this is our strongest belief. The advancement of science in natural resource management can be accomplished only through researchers from varied disciplines coming together to solve a problem. Participation in ART requires only the willingness of the investigator to share resources and help to promote the ART facility as a major research laboratory. The following illustrate topics on which ART researchers are currently working.

GIS and Environmental Database Design and Development

  • The design and management of very large (terabyte) datasets
  • Multiuser access to data via networked services

Development of GIS-based Applications and Modeling

  • Data independent model design for GIS coupled models
  • Fire growth simulation for wildland fire
  • Wind profiling for high resolution applications

Visualization and Perception

  • Human perception of the environment
  • Automated visualization of domain specific data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

  • Significant Event Detection for computer simulations
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Image content extraction

Advanced Computing

  • Implementation of supercomputing and distributed computing environments
  • Problem Solving Environments

Current Research Projects

Total $ Amt.DurationAgency
Massively Parallel Simulation of large Scale High Resolution Ecosystem ModelsPI: Bernard Zeigler
Co-PIs: George Ball
Development of an Approach for Assessing Management-Induced Risks to Water and ___PI: George Ball
Co-PIs: Phil Guertin
Data Management and Coordination for the Sonoran Desert Biogeographic AreaPI: George Ball
Co-PIs: William Halvorson
Development of a GIS at Yuma Proving GroundPI: Phil Guertin
Collection and Compilation of Hydrologic Data along Arivaca Creek in Pima CountyPI: Phil Guertin
Development and Deployment of a GIS for Pt. MuguPI: Barbara Ball
Development and Deployment of a GIS at Naws Pt. MuguPI: Barbara Ball
Support to Develop a NBII (National Biological Information Infrastructure) Node at the CPSU/UAPI: Phil Guertin
National Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Investigations at Naws China LakePI: Phil Guertin
Development of GIS at Naws China LakePI: Phil Guertin
Application of a GIS for Ecosystem Management PlanningPI: Phil Guertin
The Effects of Geomorphic Controls and Human Interventions on Riparian EcosystemsPI: Phil Guertin
Development of the Walnut Gulch Spatially Distributed Hydro _____________PI: Phil Guertin
Associations between Riparian Areas and Geomorphic Controls in Southern ArizonaPI: Phil Guertin
Development of GIS Database and Applications for Petrified Forest National ForestPI: Phil Guertin
ARS Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed GISPI: Phil Guertin
Co-PIs:George Ball
GIS Database- Phase I
PI: Phil Guertin
Co-PIs:Lee Graham, Craig Wissler
Site Suitability Analyses for Riparian Woodland Restoration and EstablishmentPI: William Halvorson
Integration of GAP Data sets with the State Data sets as a Cooperative ProjectPI: William Halvorson
Monitoring Long Term Island Ecosystems on San Nicholas Island, Naws Pt. MUGUPI: William Halvorson
Arizona GAP Vegetation Data MapPI: William Halvorson
$37,5001996-1998AZ GF
Global Climate Change in the San Pedro WatershedPI: Mithcell McClaren
Developing a Digital Archive for Studies at the Santa Rita Experimental RangePI: Mithcell McClaren
Provide on-site ARC/INFO Software Training at the Arizona State Land DepartmentPI: Craig Wissler
$3,5832004-2011AZ SL
Land Resource Information System ARC/INFO TrainingPI: Craig Wissler
$4,8061996-2011AZ SL
Development of Digital Coverages & Cartographic Products for the Arizona Department of Environmental QualityPI: Craig Wissler
$7,1291996-2011AZ DEQ

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