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Contacting AZMET :

Before contacting us, please check these areas :
 | Logistics: Equipment | Our Documents list contains information which describes our program,
data collection procedure, and data formats.
 | * AZMET DATA * | Our data page offer access to all of our data files
which are organized by location and year.
If it's not there, we don't have it.
 | Other Sources of Data | Our list of links to other resources
contains a long list of Weather related web sites.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions :

    AZMET began operations on Jan 1, 1987 ; we have no data prior to this date.

    We do not collect barometric pressure readings
    nor do we know of any source for historical records of this measurement.

    We do not make any forecasts; see the National Weather Service for predictions.

    We suggest that you contact the Arizona Office of Climatology,
    the Western Regional Climate Center or a National Weather Service office.
    These can be found under the 'Regional Weather' section of 'Other Resources'.

If you are still unable to find the information you need, contact us.

Send an Email to AZMET :


Dr Paul Brown

Extension Specialist, Biometeorology // Supervisor

Bruce Russell BS
Senior Program Coordinator // Computer Systems Manager
Software Developer // Webmaster

Ethan Smith MS

Research Specialist // Field Operations Overlord

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AZMET : The Arizona Meteorological Network