AZPDN - Community Liaisons

Ayman Mostafa
Extension Agent
Maricopa County Extension Office
Maricopa County
Pima County
Pinal County
602-827-8200 x313
Ayman provides entomological programming in Maricopa County with assistance to Pima and Pinal Counties as part of his area assignment.
Elisabeth Alden
Extension Agent
Mohave County - Peach Springs
Hulapai Nation
Urban Horticulture and small scale agriculture
Randy Norton
Extension Agent
Safford Ag Center
Safford - Graham County
Provide educational assistance aimed at increasing the effectiveness, competitiveness, and profitability of producers by solving their own problems. Responsible for programs in agriculture, including applied research, urban horticulture, and natural resources.
Ursula Schuch
Extension Agent
Plant Sciences
Statewide Specialist
Professor and Specialist, Horticulture