Adriane Grimaldi Butterfly Photos
Exhibited July - August, 2018

       Vivid colors and bold patterns make butterflies seem more like works of art than insects. The Summer exhibition in our Visitor Center Gallery allows viewers to appreciate butterfly ecology and artistry simultaneously with a display of macro photography by Scottsdale resident and Arboretum volunteer Adriane Grimaldi.

       "As a volunteer at the Arboretum I have been amazed at the wondrous journey butterflies take just to become butterflies," says Grimaldi. "From egg to caterpillar, then to chrysalis and to the finished product: a beautiful butterfly. With all the predators and obstacles that these little creatures face -- birds, lizards, spiders, rain, and even cars -- I find it amazing we ever see them at all."

      The artist has lived in Arizona since 1988. As a girl growing up in California, she raised caterpillars and observed as they metamorphosed into Mourning Cloak butterflies.... each of them earning the same name: "Buttercup." Her passion for the colorful insects may be genetic; the interest is echoed by her aunt, who collected everything embossed or emblazoned with butterflies: cups, dishes, napkins and curtains.

       Then came a field trip with butterfly expert and field guide author Jim Brock to southeastern Arizona, where she learned about butterflies and the amazing migration stories of species such as the Monarch, which crosses mountain passes and national boundaries on seemingly flimsy wings. In recent years she has photographed hundreds of butterflies and polished her field identification skills to help guide monthly interpretive butterfly walks here at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.
      "September and October are two of the best months all year to see and photograph butterflies at the Arboretum," said Grimaldi. "I hope visitors will enjoy learning about some of the various Arizona butterflies from photos in my exhibit, and then enjoy seeing them live and 'on the wing' out in the lovely gardens."

      Prints are available for purchase; to order a custom enlargement, please contact Adriane by phone at 480-489-1052 or via email to

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