The Ateliers Group Paints The Garden
Plein Air Landscapes December 2016

November is the peak month for Fall foliage here at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and members of The Atelier’s Group (TAG) have filled our visitor center art gallery with new paintings showcasing the incredible beauty of the Arboretum’s landscapes and volcanic rock formations, gardens, plants, and naturall light.
TAG is composed of five dedicated and select members who each have decades of experience as acclaimed artists: Gini Heywood, Jean Hildebrant, Melinda Jennings, Cari Updike and Michael Heywood. The backgrounds of these top-notch artists include oil and acrylic painting, pastel, murals, illustration and graphic design.
These award-winning artists have exhibited in local and national shows from New York to California and their works appear in the collections of museums and private, public, and corporate collections. Members of TAG have taught and lectured on painting techniques throughout the state and images of their works have been published in books and periodicals.
Recently the group spent several sessions at the Arboretum painting “en plein air,” a French expression meaning “painting in the open air” or “painting outdoors.” "The biggest problem with plein air painting at BTA is choosing what to paint as there are incredible sights around every corner," said Updike, "TAG’s first trip to the Arboretum was spent just looking, exploring and getting acquainted with the gardens -- follow-up trips were needed to actually paint. Our members plan future trips to continue this marvelous tradition, so keep your eyes open for them as you hike the garden."
In November, TAG will exhibit some of these plein air studies, as well as more polished studio works which are based on these studies and photographs taken in the Arboretum. This is your chance to see the works of these passionate artists together for the first time in TAG’s inaugural show. Don’t miss it!

See more of each artist's work here:

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