Michael Madsen and Heidi Golden Hearts Rock
Photography February 2014

Gilbert photographer Michael Madsen and Fountain Hills mixed-media artist Heidi Golden share a predilection for heart-shaped stones - both artists have a keen sense for spotting that familiar shape in nature, and have collected them for years. It wasn't until the artists began staging gallery exhibits of photos that they learned how many others seek and celebrate "heart rocks" in nature. Visit this week and see their "HeartsRock" photo arrangements.

"Enroll in a class with Michael; a basic photography workshops here February 16 on the theme "Switching To Manual."
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There's good reason for the word 'art' to appear within the wordheart," said Madsen; "and what we're trying to create is a 'heARTwork,' a singular art project that taps into this unique community!"
Their colorful and timely gallery exhibition that returns by popular demand during the month of Valentines Day; visitors last year embraced the larger-than-life gallery-wrap prints on stretched canvas.
"We are eager to meet fellow heart rock collectors at our gallery opening reception Saturday at the Arboretum, and hope they'll bring their most special heart rocks along for us to see and appreciate -- and to share their heart rock stories with us, and meet other enthusiasts."
Two recent examples highlight this page; the image above and at right shows one of the vivid sycamore leaves that lined the floor of Queen Creek Canyon east of Superior one Fall when Madsen hiked the riparian drainage in search of Autumn scenery.
"That was a perfect day - I even found a new stone," recalls Madsen: "a heart-shaped rock with black and gold, complementing the vivid burnt-orange color of the fallen sycamore leaves along Queen Creek Canyon."

"We have created more than a thousand photographs from careful collaboration and heartfelt composing," said Madsen, whose Heart Rock greeting cards are featured at the Tohono Chul botanical garden in Tucson; more recently in the Emerson Art Gallery at Fountain Hills. Heartsrock was the first ever art purchase for the newly renovated Southwest Institute of Healing Arts(SWIHA) for permanent display -- where you can also find a Hearts Rock Cafe designed around the pieces; and cards in the gift shop. For the past four years Madsen has collaborated with Heidi Golden, the concept and collection curator of the show, to create this exclusive showing of art to reach viewers hearts, and to inspire.
"The response from our first showing was beyond our expectations," said Golden. "We are opening 2014 with our Valentines show at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, fine art photography and greeting cards will be on display and for sale as Valentines Day gift ideas for people you love."

Having a Bachelors of Science in Design from the ASU College of Architecture and a life long pursuit in photography Madsen, has developed a keen eye for composition and graphic design. His 26 year architectural background is reflected in his use of strong lines that pull viewers into original artwork that he dubs "Natural Photography."

"When I look through the lens, my artistic intent is to arrange elements into a composition that satisfies the eye," said Madsen, "whether the photo is for business or pleasure, my goal is to attract the viewer's attention."
Born of Danish parents in Lincoln City, Oregon, Madsen has traveled in Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Jamaica and the Bahamas. In addition to living in Stockholm, Sweden, for nine years; he has also backpacked through 13 countries in Europe. Madsen is a popular photography teacher at the Arboretum, with classes ranging from "Switching To Manual" to "Macros," "Fall Color" and his "Christmas Camera Crash Course." Having traveled, hiked and photographed throughout Arizona, Madsen is a excellent resource for discovering outdoor destinations that provide inspiring photographic possibilities.

His involvement in photography has led him to clients with similar interests; his artistic creativity is perhaps at it best in the highly successful photographic documentation of Heidi Golden's personal "Hearts Rock" collection. Golden often joins Madsen in the field and helps with natural design of the scenes to showcase her hearts and Madsen's talent.
Heidi Golden is a tuning fork artist and also soft tissue therapist, she was introduced to Madsen through a mutual friend on Valentine's Day 2009.
"We went to the Tucson Rock And Gem show. It was a magical day, a heart-shaped rock fell off a larger specimen (It's the rock used in the photograph "From Eden with Love" shown to the left) and landed right into Michael's hand, hmmm.... coincidence?"
"On a short hike the next morning it was clear to both Michael and I that our combined gifts, along with Mother Earth's gifts, could bring greater joy to hearts far and near and, like a ripple on the water, together we are raising the love vibration!"
"I began collecting heart-shaped rocks when I moved to Flagstaff in 1997. They really started catching my eye and attention when I was healing a broken heart, and it was then that I intentionally started collecting the heart rocks. I began working with crystals and minerals as well, I call them charmers, and a heart-shaped bead went on almost every piece. I started giving them to friends and they joyfully started telling me their heart stories and showing me their heart rocks and photos of hearts; we all were refreshed and renewed by this feeling of unity and awareness! As my collection of heart shaped rocks grew to approximately 200, I knew that I needed help to fulfill my vision of affecting as many hearts as possible!"

The Hearts Rock Fine Art Photography collection is a unique fusion of Michael's focus on the details of nature with Heidi's vision that resonates with all. Correspond with photographer Michael Madsen via email to madsen56@hotmail.com
All photos in their exhibit were available for purchase; prices range from small-framed pieces at $2 to large-framed works at $555. For other information call 480 310 2374 , or check out http://heartsrock.org/1/Home.html

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