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The mission of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Career and Academic Services (CAS) Advising unit is to coordinate, facilitate, promote and enhance advising programs, services and activities for students.  Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and an advisor.  In CALS students have access to both a major advisor specifically for their declared program of study and a Career & Academic Services advisor to assist with more general advising.  Students will primarily work with their major advisor.  CAS Advising is committed to a developmental approach in providing a variety of services in support of student success.


Academic advisors help you make the most of your time at UA. They will assist you in:

       -  Finding a degree program that matches your interests and abilities

       -  Meeting graduation requirements

       -  Boosting your skills and broadening your experiences


The goal of the relationship is to guide the student toward accepting responsibility for his/her own learning and academic decision-making.


Major Advisor v. Career & Academic Services (CAS) Advisor
Major Advisor CAS Advisor
Major coursework advising General Education advising
Course selection and sequencing Policy interpretation and enforcement
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Meeting graduation requirements Act as Dean's representative