The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Students who have attended the University of Arizona in the past and have missed at least one semester without taking a formal leave of absence or complete withdrawal must reapply for admission in order to continue taking coursework at UA. Under most circumstances, students who left in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) will be automatically readmitted. Students who left while in poor standing (GPA below 2.0), were disqualified, or completed transfer coursework with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will be admitted or denied based on recommendation from the college they wish to be readmitted into.




Readmission Application Deadlines (Students who left in poor standing or were disqualified)

Summer Session: April 1

Fall Semester: June 1

Spring Semester: October 1


Readmission Requirements

Students who have been disqualified or who have left the university on probation have no assurance of readmission to the University of Arizona.  The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) takes into account individual circumstances.  The most common requirement for readmission is to complete 24 transferable academic units at another academic institution (such as a community college) and earn a minimum grade point average of a 3.0 with no grade lower than a C.  The courses completed must be applicable to the major the student wishes to be readmitted into; for example, a student wishing to be readmitted into a science-intensive major should take primarily science and math-based courses to show that they can be successful in the coursework required for a particular major.  Every student is evaluated individually.


If you plan to apply for readmission into another UA College, contact the College you plan to enroll in to find out their readmission policies and processes.


Please note that there are specific application deadlines for students who left the University of Arizona on academic probation or disqualification, as well as additional readmission criteria that may be specific to different academic units. Contact the academic unit at the UA you would like to gain readmission to for additional information.  Questions can be directed to the Office of Career and Academic Services, (520) 621-3616.


Readmission Process