The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Student Etiquette

Appointment Etiquette:


·         Arrive promptly for your appointment and check in at the front desk.


·         Call to cancel if you are unable to make it.


·         Make your appointment WELL IN ADVANCE of your registration appointment for classes.


·         Write down a list of topics and/or questions you want to address.


·         Prepare a list of courses you are considering.


·         Keep all your advising information organized in a folder and bring it to appointments with you.


·         Bring paper and pen to take notes.


·         Turn off your cell phone before you walk into the advising office.


Email Etiquette:


·         Use your University of Arizona account.


·         Use a clear subject line, such as “Question about my schedule.”


·         Include your full name and student ID number.


·         Include the course numbers of any classes you are having difficulty registering for, along with any error messages you may be receiving.


·         Keep your questions clear, short and to the point.


·         Do not be too casual with your advisor when using email. Proofread and use spell check.


·         Allow 24 hours for a response, excluding weekends and holidays.


Voicemail Etiquette:


·         Leave your name, student ID number, phone number with area code, repeated twice, and your question.


·         Speak slowly and clearly.