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Taxonomy of Domains

Affective Domain

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Cognitive Domain

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Psychomotor Domain

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A.    Name                         F.    Distinguish

B.    Identify                       G.    State a Rule

C.    Order                         H.    Apply a rule

D.    Describe                     I.    Demonstrate

E.    Construct

Operational Definitions

For each operational definition below, write the correct verb in the blank.

1.  The individual selects a named or described object by pointing to it, touching it, or picking it up.

2.  The individual supplied a noun or proper noun for an object or event which has been identified or described.

3.   The individual arranges three or more objects or events in a sequence based on a stated property.

4.  The individual states observable properties sufficient to identify an object or event.

5.   The individual  selects an object or event from two or more which are easily confused.

6.  The individual  makes a physical object, a verbal statement, or a drawing.

7.  The individual  performs several operations necessary to carry out a specified procedure.

8.  The individual communicates a relationship or principle which could be used to solve a problem or perform a task.

9.  The individual supplies an answer to a problem by using a stated relationship or principle.


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